Reimagining the
web of trust.


Unnamed Labs exists to advance human trust through social technologies. We strive for a safer, more reliable, and more human online and onchain environment.

We approach our work with an ethical and interdisciplinary lens. As with all social technology, behaviors have emergent consequences that demand greater love and attention to respond to responsibly.

Unnamed Labs is for profit. Doing the right things the right way should create value all round. Addresso is our first product.


We value digital systems that can be shaped by everyone, individually and collectively.

We value digital technologies that assist communities in their implicit and explicit meaning-making.

We celebrate and nurture what is essentially human over the essentially technological, yet fully embrace technology's potential to promote human flourishing.

Our values are reflected in every decision we make.


Philip Sheldrake, Founder and CEO.

Philip is a sociotechnologist, professional engineer, researcher and consultant dedicated to the ethical, equitable and open application of decentralized technologies in complex systems.

He's been engaged in the design and development of the decentralized web since 2014 with a focus on where and how the technology and the people come together.

Philip led research at the AKASHA Foundation for four years concluding that human identity is the heart of social technology. A prominent critic of self-sovereign identity (SSI), he writes about designing for the digital mediation and augmentation of human identity on the generative identity website.

He's chaired events featuring Vint Cerf and Sir Tim Berners-Lee, co-founded a decentralized cooperative, co-founded and built and sold a tech comms consultancy, convened the UK’s first IoT conference, co-founded one of the first open data projects in the UK, advised Mozilla on the European launch of Firefox, pioneered digital P2P payments in the UK, and wrote ‘The Business of Influence’ (2011, Wiley).

Philip is fortunate to work with a couple of talented bounty-winning web3 developers. Please do get in touch if you would like to join us on our journey.

And on that topic ...

Unnamed Labs is looking for a founding CTO, someone with deep technical expertise in software engineering, computer science, and product development, with at least ten years of experience in a senior technical leadership role. The co-founder will have strong experience in building secure, scalable, reliable, and high-performance technology platforms, particularly in the mobile and cloud computing space, and of course demonstrable experience in building the technical team to make it all happen. Perhaps needless to say, they will also have technical experience in web3.

If this is you, let's start a conversation pronto.