Reimagining the
web of trust.


Unnamed Labs exists to help the dweb thrive.

We work with the interdisciplinary love and attention that all social technology demands, striving for a safer, more generative, and more human online and onchain environment.

Doing the right things the right way should create value all round. Unnamed Labs is for profit.


We value digital systems that can be shaped by everyone, individually and collectively.

We value digital technologies that assist communities in their implicit and explicit meaning-making.

We celebrate and nurture what is essentially human over the essentially technological, yet fully embrace technology's potential to promote human flourishing.

Our values are reflected in every decision we make.


LinkedIn iconPhoto of Christina
Christina Wilpernig
Quality-of-Life Software Engineer

Engineering with an end-to-end mindset.

LinkedIn iconPhoto of Dirk
Dirk Scheffler
Innovator, Sofware Architect, Engineer

Holistic software wizard guided by logos and aesthetics.

LinkedIn iconPhoto of Peter
Peter Gazdik
Coding (and Deleting) Architect, Engineer

Championing syntactically concise and performant code.

LinkedIn iconPhoto of Philip
Philip Sheldrake

Dedicated to the ethical, equitable and open application of dweb technologies.

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Thomas Humphreys
Product Engineer

Web3 developer dedicated to creating human-centric products.

LinkedIn iconPhoto of Tudor
Tudor Munteanu

Helping web3 teams and devs manage complexity and build more effective software.